The ARoA Platform: An Autonomous Robotic Assistant with a Reconfigurable Torso System and Dexterous Manipulation Capabilities

The ongoing global healthcare crisis has amplified the need for automation of manual tasks in several industries and service sectors. Simple household tasks such as tidying and cleaning are in high demand, with only a few robotic platforms capable of performing them due to the mobility, workspace, and dexterity requirements. This work presents ARoA, an autonomous robotic assistant that can execute complex tasks in industrial, service, and home environments. It is equipped with two lightweight, compliant, 7 degree of freedom arms and a pair of adaptive end-effectors that enable efficient execution of a wide range of tasks. Due to the linear rail based torso system that supports the arms, the ARoA offers exceptional flexibility in terms of reachable workspace. A framework for visionbased execution of tidying and cleaning tasks is also proposed and integrated in the platform. The efficiency of the ARoA platform was experimentally validated through two everyday life applications: i) picking up and tidying randomly scattered household objects and ii) cleaning of common surfaces.

HD Video of Experimental Validation