The OpenBionics Adaptive, Affordable, Humanlike Robot Hand: Towards Prostheses with Dexterous Manipulation Capabilities

In this work, we present a 16 degree of freedom (DoF) underactuated robotic hand specifically designed to achieve increased dexterity and the execution of dexterous manipulation tasks with minimal cost. Three Dynamixel XM430-W350-R actuate the hand via a combination of direct driven and tendon driven systems. The unique, coupled, two degree-of-freedom thumb mechanism is capable of achieving a complex trajectory for the distal of the thumb, providing increased thumb dexterity over traditional underactuated designs. This can facilitate the execution of improved in-hand manipulation tasks while minimising the control effort required for operation. The effectiveness of the proposed device was validated through kinematic, grasping, and manipulation experiments, including the kapandji test, as well as force exertion experiments. It was found that the hand achieved a Kapandji score of 9 out of 11, and peak contact forces of 19.43 N for pinch grasps and 35.24 N for power grasps. The device was manufactured using the Selective Laser Sintering (SLS) process with nylon and molding with silicone rubber. The device has a weight of 603 g and costs approximately $1,000 USD to manufacture.

Codes and CAD Files

CAD Files | FMG Based Control Code

All files required for the replication of the proposed prosthetic hand will be provided upon final publication at the following URL: