The New Dexterity Open-Source,
Modular, Dexterous, Anthropomorphic
Bimanual Manipulation System

This work introduces the New Dexterity modular, dexterous, open-source, anthropomorphic bimanual manipulation system that is designed for research and rapid experimentation in robot grasping, dexterous manipulation, and bimanual manipulation. The platform combines adaptive and hybrid actuation systems with lockable joints, facilitating transitions between the execution of delicate and forceful tasks. Antagonistic tendon-driven elbows and inline actuator transmissions, reduce the system’s inertial mass while enhancing energy efficiency and overall performance. Leveraging 3D printing and carbon fiber reinforced manufacturing of core parts the platform is easy to replicate and highly modular. This paper presents the details of the design, the actuation principles, and the experimental validation of the efficiency of the platform with the execution of complex teleoperation and telemanipulation tasks. The designs, the electronics, and the code are open-sourced to allow replication and further development by others.