Scalable, Intuitive Human to Robot Skill Transfer with Wearable Human Machine Interfaces:
On Complex, Dexterous Tasks

The advent of collaborative industrial and household robotics has blurred the demarcation between the human and robot workspace. The capability of robots to function efficiently alongside humans requires new research to be conducted in dynamic environments as opposed to the traditional well-structured laboratory. In this work, we propose an efficient skill transfer methodology comprising intuitive interfaces, efficient optical tracking systems, and compliant control of robotic arm hand systems. The lightweight wearable interfaces mounted with robotic grippers and hands allow the execution of dexterous activities in dynamic environments without restricting human dexterity. The fiducial and reflective markers mounted on the interfaces facilitate the extraction of positional and rotational information allowing efficient trajectory tracking. As the tasks are performed using the mounted grippers and hands, gripper state information can be directly transferred. The hardware-agnostic nature and efficiency of the proposed interfaces and skill transfer methodology are demonstrated through the execution of complex tasks that require increased dexterity, writing and drawing.